I am a health coach for individuals and companies across the globe. My goal is to "give it to you straight", never sugarcoating a thing. Not to mention, adding in a few laughs along the way. I want to help you find the easiest solution to make healthy living your new norm.

Here's the thing, I have been a health professional for over 40 years. I have heard every excuse in the book and this has made me passionate about changing the health, weight, and disposition of everyone I meet.

Health Coaching is about you and me working together, to design the best health plan that you can actually stick to.

Are you game?

Here's what you will learn:

  • About the 4 Pillars of Health - Food and Nutrition, Exercise and Movement, Sleep and Relaxation, and Happiness.
  • The basis of nutrition and how to choose the right foods for your individual health and goals.
  • How exercise doesn't always have to be in the gym, and how gardening or other chores count for your exercise minutes.
  • Understand stress and how it directly affects your digestion, weight loss, and so much more.
  • Health should energize you every day, empower your thoughts, and create unstoppable zest. Are you ready?

"It's not only about weight loss...take control of diabetes, starve cancer cells, and kick heart disease to the curb. It's about changing habits and taking full control of your health!"

Together we can debunk the myths and get you going on the right course of action!

This class is designed to share my best tips and tricks to help you create the health you deserve.

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